Monday, March 13, 2017

Little Ones

   This week we welcomed a new member to the family. My wife’s sister and her husband had their first child, a girl, named Emma. We are all pretty excited since she’s the youngest of my wife’s siblings and has been wanting to join the parenthood club. On the Emmot side of the family there are already 9 grandkids. We have two boys and my brother in law and his wife have 7 (yes, 7) kids (6 girls, 1 very outnumbered boy).
   We’re headed to Kansas City to visit them in the hospital. Before I had kids, holding babies used to freak me out. Not because I didn’t like kids, but because newborns are so small and helpless. It was always my worst fear that one would slip through my hands or that I’d do a terrible job keeping that little head supported. I don’t know if I held a newborn before I held my first child. 

   Now…it’s no big deal. My youngest son absolutely loves babies and wants to hold every little baby he sees. He’s five, so he’s not exactly well versed in the fine motor dept. yet, but I don’t mind helping him as long as we have a comfy couch with armrests. It’s great holding a baby again now that my kids are bigger, especially since I get to give them back when they start crying. I love my kids, but I knew the second my youngest was born that our family was complete and  we’d left the delivery wing of the hospital for the last time. Having 2 kids is the best ever. They love each other so much and are the best of friends. We also really enjoy not being outnumbered.

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