Monday, March 27, 2017

Missouri Wall Art

the back
In addition to the pallet flag I created, I decided to do another project with the leftover picket pieces I had. Since they were already sanded, I decided to do an outline of the state of Missouri with the pickets. I used this website to help build my example.  The process was pretty simple, given I had access to a few extra tools.

paper outline
First, I went online and found a pdf copy of our state's outline (for example). There are tons of these available via a quick Google search.  Next, I saved a pdf copy of the outline and tried printing in on card stock paper. The problem I kept running into was trying to enlarge the image enough so that I could make a bigger project than what would fit on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper. I found the solution by using Microsoft Paint to enlarge the image and then print it. Honestly this was the most time consuming part. Getting the right size was crucial.

   I printed the enlarged image on card stock, cut it out, and then taped it together to make a stencil. Using the stencil, I traced it onto the pickets. Next, I used my cheapo handheld jigsaw to slowly cut each picket into the shape of the state outline. After cutting all the pieces, I tacked some 1.5 inch furring strips from Lowe's (seriously, they're only $1.50 for an 8 foot section) on the back to hold them in place and made sure to add wood glue before finishing nailing them so they would hold firmly. After the glue dried, I stained it with some wood stain and let it dry. I think it turned out great!
after staining

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