Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Madness

Spring time is my favorite season. I love how everything turns green again after a long, hard stare at browns and greys. I also love the return to warmth (but not hot), backyard fires in the firepit, and longer daylight hours. I'm a big sports fan as well, and the NCAA Basketball Tournament just happens to fall during this time of year.

    March Madness is, In my opinion, the best sporting event in all of sports. I'm not a huge basketball fan in general. I think the NBA is so boring, and college hoops is definitely behind college football in terms of my interest level, but the NCAA Tournament is just incredible. You have 64(ish) teams all competing against one another for the right to be called the champion. It's something that never happens in football. There are way too many boring football bowl games, and the little guy never gets a chance to match skills against the powerhouse teams of the sport. It's always amazing to see the underdog beat the better team and watch they players and fans go crazy. It's the beauty of the tournament. One team who, if they played 10 times, would beat the other team 9 out of 10 games, goes down to the tiny school you've probably never heard of. I look forward to another round of exciting and upsetting games.

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