Monday, March 27, 2017

National Parks pt. 2

The next two least visited national parks, Isle Royale and Kobuk Valley, don't get any easier visitation-wise.

  Isle Royale NP is a narrow, 40 mile long island in Lake Superior. The only way to reach it is by a ferry boat. You'll need to have reservations for camping here, otherwise you can't stay the night. The main draw for this park is it's fragile ecosystem, hiking, and remoteness. Amazingly, the island supports a population of wolves and moose. Scientists think they arrived by crossing over the frozen lake, since it's 20 miles from the closest mainland. Hikers and scientists have long visited the park to study the predator/prey relationship of wolves and moose, since they are isolated from outside pressure.

   Kobuk Valley NP is in, you guessed it, Alaska. Located next to it's neighbor Gates of the Arctic, this park has no roads. Flying in by charter plane is the main way hikers access it's lands. The size of Delaware, Kobuk Valley is famous for it's great sand dunes and Caribou herds. These sand dunes were deposited after the last major glaciers retreated during the last ice age. Located 25 miles above the Artic Circle, Dogsledding is also a popular way to tour the park.

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