Sunday, March 26, 2017


Miri turned 3 this week. She's adorable. I'm lucky to be her uncle. Everyone should have a Miri around.

    We traveled to Kansas City on Saturday for niece day. First we stopped in DeSoto to see Emma, our 2 week-old niece. Alex was smitten. He loves holding babies. By far, he spent the most time holding her out of the four of us. It's funny now that I don't have any babies in the house, I don't know how to tell how old a baby is, aside from the newborns.  I asked one mom if her son was 8 months old, and he was actually twice that age.

   Later, we headed over to my brother's house for Miri's birthday party. She loved the balance bike we gave her. Having no daughters, It's kind of nice having 10 nieces. They are like the daughters that I'll never have, now that we no longer plan on having any more kids. I got to spend some good time hanging out with my brother and several of his friends that I haven't seen in years. We ate Joe's KC for lunch with Emma's parents and my brother cooked ribs in the smoker for dinner. Barbecue is right up there with coffee for me. I could never be a vegetarian.

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