Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lost Valley

I decided to take the boys hiking on Lost Valley Trail, which is just a few miles down the road from our campground. It's a relatively short trail at 4 miles round trip. Simply hike two miles in and head back to the trailhead. Lost Valley is probably the most popular hiking trail in the Ozarks, and for good reason. It's got lots of beautiful and interesting rock formations, waterfalls, and caves, and it's a relatively flat and easy hike.

   Parking at the trailhead was crowded, but we managed to find a spot. We took off by crossing a small stream and then heading north up the valley. The first mile and a half is pretty much flat and easy. Along the route we got to the first bluff with a waterfall draining into a large swimming hole. They boys and I hiked up through the waterfall and catacombs and back onto the trail towards Eden Falls. Eden falls has an upper and lower section. After checking out the lower section, we hiked up to the upper falls and found a small cave where the stream runs out. The boys and I hiked and crawled through the cave to find a waterfall running out of the back. After hiking back to the trailhead, we found a beautiful meadow to wander around in the sun. It was a great day.

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